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If you have just given birth and landed on earth again, you will immediately notice that your body feels very different than before. You hardly feel the muscles of your abdomen and pelvis. And you’ll notice that you have much less control over your lower body.
Your abdominal, pelvic and back muscles have made a tremendous effort during delivery and are actually totally exhausted. You’ll notice a huge instability and severe fatigue, especially when you have to walk for example to go to the toilet for the first time after labour. This instability will persist for several weeks. Your body needs to recover because of the overwork and your muscles will have to regain their strength. To help with this recovery a postnatal support band is the answer, by wearing a sturdy support around your vulnerable lower body the very uneasy feeling of instability and tiredness will vanish immediately. Postnatal Support Band Louise is a very supple band giving effecting support to your abdominal wall. The straight abdominal muscles and abdominal muscle tendons will be closed. This is a must have product for after birth recovery.

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