Meet Carla Schneider, CEO and Founder of Wubbanub

Carla Schneider Founder of Wubbanub

What inspired you to develop Wubbanub?

Seventeen years ago, when my son Bret was just a newborn, we embarked on our very first family holiday together. We were looking forward to a relaxing week away from home but Bret was fussing without the comfort of his beloved pacifier. It was difficult for his tiny hands to grasp, however, and he kept dropping it. Faced with a tearful child, I desperately needed a way to ensure he was able to keep his pacifier nearby without my constant help. His favourite soft plush toy caught my eye and, in a moment of inspiration, I grabbed the hotel sewing kit and sewed his pacifier onto his plush. The very first WubbaNub was born!


How did the business take off?

With the encouragement of my family, I turned my idea into a business. Over the years, support from parents and hospital NICUs has helped us grow tremendously. WubbaNubs can now be found in thousands of boutiques, speciality shops and major retailers across the globe.


What are your top tips for surviving the newborn stage?  

Take one day at a time, get as much rest as possible and enjoy the little moments.


How do you balance running the business with family life?  

It is an equal balance of spending quality time with your family and quality time with your business. I have a strong support system from my family, which has been invaluable for being able to achieve my personal and business goals.


What inspires your plush animal designs and what can we expect to see from Wubbanub next?  

Inspiration is everywhere! I am always in awe of colours, patterns, shapes and relationships, which is how I create my ideas. I created personality descriptions for each of our WubbaNub characters. They are a family and this is something that’s relatable to the person buying our products. We are excited to expand our product line and to become a brand that ‘grows’ with the baby through those early childhood development stages.

WubbaNub is ideal for newborns and those aged up to six months old – essentially babies without teeth – and is priced at AED79/OMR7.9. Choose from six super cute designs.