“Why we love messy mealtimes”

Why we love messy mealtimes

Five mums share their top tips for encouraging hungry tots to try new tastes


“Keep it simple”

“My top tip when it comes to weaning is to keep it simple and to avoid mixing flavours too much. Babies like simplicity as their taste buds are developing, so you don’t want to create confusion. Use real food – the moment you integrate processed foods it all goes downhill from there.”

Kay Bodanza, mum to Aurora, 2



“It’s all about the shape”

“When weaning my son I wanted to make sure he was getting nutritious foods while keeping it fun and interesting. My go-to technique was a crinkle cutter. He enjoyed the textures and the different shapes made it very easy for him to grab. If I wanted him to try a new food I always made sure he had something he also loved on his plate.”

Karey Richard, mum to Lochlan, 2 (pictured) and Haven 9 months



“She loves experimenting”

“Allowing my little one to explore and play with food has enabled her to experiment with sensation and build confidence in trying out new flavours. Here she is trying a chocolate pot as a cold cream!”

Sarah Holmes, mum to Esther, 14 months.



“I sneaked in new favours”

“Porridge with raisins and a swirl of Manuka honey was always a winner when my son Xander was enjoying his first foods. I used to sneak all kinds of fruit such as crushed blueberries and banana into his porridge so he could try a number of different tastes in a safe, mushy way.”

Faye Bartle, mum to Xander, 2



“Eat as a family”

“We would give Mia whatever we were eating and she loved trying so many different tastes and textures. We started weaning when she was around seven months and now, aged two-and-a-half, she is a healthy, adventurous (albeit messy) eater who prefers olives and capers over nuggets and fries.”

Liz Friberg, mum to Mia, 2


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