Why we love Kids In Teepees

Founded by Iranian mum of one, Hanieh Hooshmand, Kids in Teepees is in high demand among those seeking a whimsical play den for their little one.


What inspired you to create Kids In Teepees?

My daughter’s imaginative mind! When she was around two years old she used to create imaginary homes and fortresses with blankets and any fabric she could find. I wanted to make something more permanent for her and stumbled upon the idea of making a Teepee. One turned into a couple more and eventfully it became the start of Kids In Teepees.

What do you love the most about the business?

I am very proud that Kids In Teepees is made completely from scratch in the UAE. Of course, hearing customer feedback is uplifting – I love receiving pictures of kids playing in the teepees and getting “thank you” notes from parents. It’s amazing to see the joy it brings.

What can we expect to see from you next?

The new collection consists of more unisex prints and colours, which provides more options and focuses less on exclusively gender based themes. Plus, the new collection will have more Native American inspired prints, which I hope will add a touch more authenticity and fun. In future, I hope to expand my product line and offer a variety of items for kids.