So long, dummy drop! Why we all love WubbaNub

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If you’ve ever found yourself scrabbling around the sitting room in search of your baby’s dummy, then you’ll know first-hand the panic that hits – and the screaming that ensues – when baby pacifiers go missing in action.


One mum we know was so concerned about her child losing her pacifier that she carried out a preemptive ‘dummy drop’ – scattering up to five soothers in her daughter’s playpen – before siting down to (hopefully) enjoy an undisturbed daily cup of coffee. The thinking behind the strategy was that, should the little one lose her pacifier, there would be no time wasted in finding a new one to soothe her whimpers.


Dummy drops may now be a thing of the past, however, as we’ve found the ultimate solution to the conundrum thanks to the WubbaNub pacifier. The brainchild of Carla Schneider, the pacifier with animal combo was born out of a desperate attempt to help her newborn son Bret stop dropping his pacifier from his tiny grasp.


“His favourite soft plush toy caught my eye and, in a moment of inspiration, I sewed his pacifier onto his plush – the first WubbaNub was born,” she says.


Easy to grasp, practically impossible to lose and instantly comforting, WubbaNub teams a cute plush toy with a silicone pacifier and babies simply adore them. Whether you’re after some help encouraging your baby back to the land of nod, or simply need a few moments’ peace during the day, there are lots of great reasons to try a dummy.


The UK’s Department of Health says that giving your baby a dummy at the start of any sleep period may reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Simply use the dummy when putting baby down to sleep, but don’t put it back in baby’s mouth once he or she is already asleep.

Wubbanub Baby Pacifier with Animal is also a great tool for helping babies soothe themselves. Indeed, it can be a fantastic source of comfort for a crying or colicky baby during those early few months when, lets face it, you need all the help you can get.


If you have a baby with an impressive suck reflex and the time they get on the breast or bottle simply isn’t enough, then a dummy can help to meet their needs and keep you sane at the same time.


Whether your tot favours the Brown Puppy, Little Lamb, Pink Bear, Blue Bear, Baby Dino or Baby Hippo, this cute creation may just be the best pacifier you ever own.


WubbaNub is ideal for newborns and those aged up to six months old – essentially babies without teeth – and is priced at AED79/OMR7.9.