Lean, mean weaning machines – eight reasons to love them

So your baby is ready for food – hurrah! On top of filling your fridge with lots of lovely fruit and veg, investing in a weaning machine pays dividends when it comes to whipping up nutritious meals in a flash. Here are eight reasons why you’ll feel thankful to own one…


1. They’re great for multitasking mums.

If you’re busy preparing food for all the family, or are simply short of time, then having a separate machine for baby makes it so much easier to mange making his or her first meals. Simply pop in your ingredients and set it off without the need to constantly check on it. It’s great if everyone’s dinner schedules are slightly skewed, which can happen when you have a young family. So if you want to feed your baby at 5pm, the toddler a bit later and serve a grown-up meal once the kids are in bed – you can do it all with minimal fuss.


 2. You can keep it clean – the food, that is.

While you may think it’s a genius idea to take a portion of what you’re eating and blend it down for baby, in reality it’s not always that simple, which is why babies can benefit from meal-making machine all of their own. Little ones need to be introduced to solid foods step-by-step and you’ll want to keep the meals as ‘clean’ as possible by avoiding seasoning, such as salt, creeping into the food. Plus, while variety in your baby’s diet is important, you’ll need to be mindful of allergies by introducing small quantities of foods such as cows’ milk, eggs, wheat, gluten, nuts, peanuts, peanut products, seeds, fish one at a time in and not before six months. Ask your baby doctor to share the recommended guidelines so you know where to start and how to progress.


 3. It saves on kitchen space.

A weaning machine is so much more than a fancy food processor – in fact, it’s like having four kitchen gadgets in one. The Béaba BabyCook Solo Food Processor, for instance, steams, blends and re-heats so is brilliant value compared to buying a steamer, blender and microwave separately. What’s more, the compact design of most modern machines mean they take up a third of the space – fab for small kitchens!


4. They’re quick and easy to use.

Forget slaving away over a hot stove. These cool gadgets work quickly and efficiently. The Béaba BabyCook Solo Food Processor, for instance, whips up meals in less than 15 minutes.


5. You can take them anywhere.

You may not realise it at first glance, but some weaning machines are designed to be portable. So if you’re always hopping on a plane or want to take a staycation but are worried about getting your hands on healthy baby food, your weaning machine can comes along for the ride.


6. It’ll inspire your inner chef.

Making purées and tiny meals is far from boring. The awesome Babymoov Nutribaby Baby Food Processor can be used with its very own app ‘Cooking Babyfood’, which is bursting with ideas and inspiration for baby meals with easy-to-follow recipes. What’s more, it’s totally free!


7. It cuts down on mess.

Instead of using a variety of pots, pans and gadgets to create a tiny meal, a weaning machine keeps it all in one place. That’s a lot less mess – not to mention minimal washing up – for you!


8. They’re made with you in mind.

If you recoil at the thought of dealing with another tricky kitchen gadget, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that the best baby weaning machines are made with busy mums in mind. The Béaba BabyCook Solo Food Processor, for example, has been designed especially so you can use it with one hand, with no fiddly mechanisms or switches! This comes in extremely handy when you are faced with the reality of bouncing your baby on your hip while trying to cook at the same time.


Our best buys

Now you know the score, it’s time to pick you perfect baby weaning machine…


Babymoov Nutribaby Baby Food Processor | Db Babies UAE & OmanBabymoov Nutribaby Baby Food Processor, AED799/OMR79.9, cook meals and purées – it steams, defrosts and blend – at the touch of a button and is completely automatic. It has two baskets to separate the food groups and boasts a chopping function, too. An added bonus is that it sterilises and warms baby bottle and jars so you it’s useful from birth.


babycook-neonBéaba BabyCook Solo Food Processor, AED899/OMR89.9, is compact yet has a large 1.1-litre capacity and is easy to use. It cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats, allowing you to make delicious baby meals in seconds.