10 little luxuries for UAE mums

These super services available in the emirates are just the ticket for new mums in search of a helping hand.

  1. Drive-thru coffee houses. When you’re cruising around Jumeirah and your kids fall asleep in the back, what do you do? Head to Starbucks Coffee Drive-thru, of course! It’s a favourite haunt for exhausted new mums in search of a caffeine fix. Simply pull up, place your order and hit the road again with your well-deserved mocha choca latte in hand. Finally, you can enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee in peace.
  2. Service at the gas station. If you’ve ever lived in a country where you have to pump your own gas, you’ll know what a bonus it is to be able to stay in the car when you need to refuel. Having to head inside the shop to pay for petrol with young kids in tow can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back – especially when it comes to stuffing them back in their car seats five minutes later. It’s so much easier when you can just wind down the window and hand over your credit card with a smile.
  3. Having your bags packed at the supermarket. Doing the grocery shopping with little ones can be a challenge so having a kind assistant on hand to help you pack your bags at the checkout provides just the boost you need to get the job done.
  4. Tinted car windows. Living in a country where tinted windows are popular comes in extremely handy when your child enters the terrible twos. Getting your glass blacked out to the legal limit means that, when your kid is having an epic meltdown in the back, no one will be able to see you losing your composure at the steering wheel.
  5. Brunches with kids’ corners. There are few cities in the world where you can feast on the finest fare while your kids are entertained by balloon artists, getting messy at art stations and riding on Shetland ponies. Sure, it’ll cost you, but being able to enjoy a civilized meal out with friends is so worth it.
  6. Play areas with pamper zones. If you urgently need a mini makeover but are struggling to find the time, head to Caboodle Pamper & Play at City Walk. Once there, experienced play assistants can entertain the little ones while beauty therapists blitz your monobrow in the adjoining salon.
  7. Valet parking. For times when you can’t be bothered to search for a space and then navigate a vast car park with a feisty toddler in tow, valet is the way to go. Simply pull up, hand your keys to the driver and safely abandon your vehicle directly outside your destination – no messing!
  8. Getting almost anything delivered. From baby essentials such as bottles and bibs to dim sum when you can’t find the time to cook, almost anything is just a click away in Dubai so make the most of it.
  9. Affordable maid service. When you’re a new mum, it’s easy to let the dirty dishes and the ironing stack up while you figure out how to take care of your tiny human. Thankfully, maid services are relatively affordable in the UAE so instead of stressing about how to fit it all in, simply call in the professionals to help you crack through your ‘to-do’ list.
  10. Kiddie karts at the malls. If your kids think shopping is boring, hiring a kiddie cart at the mall can convince them to let you run wild in the aisles for an hour or two before they have a total meltdown. Our advice? Head to your favourite shop first then any additional stores you manage to visit before you children start protesting is a bonus.